Welcome to Rhee's Minis and More!

Whether you're looking for a miniature to wear, play with, or display, Rhee's is your home sweet mini home.

Handmade Accessories

Foods, flowers, furniture and more come in a variety of materials to bring your mini scene to life.

Wearable Minis

We have several miniatures to wear. Earrings and necklaces are our favorites! 

Other Jewelry

If you prefer a more traditional look, we have a variety of jewelry in different styles and materials.

Different Sizes!

Our miniatures are available in two sizes: 1:6 (fashion doll), & 1:12 (the usual dollhouse scale). 

Miniature Scenes

Room boxes, half rooms, and unique settings (like lanterns!) can be custom built for you in mind.


We buy and sell dollhouse furniture, accessories and, sometimes, the houses themselves.

We're more than happy to discuss custom pieces! Contact us today.
Please note our hours:
Mon, Wed - Fri: 9am - 6pm
CLOSED Tues, Sat - Sun